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Boone Creek on March xx, 1976

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Boone Creek on March xx, 1976

Published March 20, 1976


Boone Creek newgrass band - SBD
Holiday Inn lounge
Louisville, KY
March xx, 1976

SBD > Nakamichi 550 w/ Dolby NR
MR cassette > Nakamichi 550 > Lexicon Alpha > Samplitude > Flac

Taped, transferred, and remastered by Monte Barry
published April 25, 2008

Set 1
d1t01 I'm Country
d1t02 Me and Bobby McGee
d1t03 Fireball
d1t04 Sweetheart of Mine
d1t05 Honeysuckle Rose You Smell so Sweet
d1t06 Take Me Back to Tulsa
d1t07 Sally Goodin'
d1t08 Satisfied My Mind
d1t09 Salty Dog

Set 2
d1t10 Nobody's Love Is Like Mine
d1t11 Nine Pound Hammer
d1t12 Sweet Georgia Brown
d1t13 Blow Away
d2t01 Lonesome River
d2t02 Why Don't You Tell Me So
d2t03 Little Rock Getaway
d2t04 My Home Ain't in the Hall of Fame
d2t05 Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Set 3
d2t06 Yellow River
d2t07 Intro
d2t08 Hitchhiking To California
d2t09 Used To Be
d2t10 Patty on the Turnpike

Boone Creek newgrass band, out of Lexington, KY
Ricky Skaggs - lead vocals, mandolin, fiddle, guitar
Vince Gill - lead vocals, electric mandolin, electric guitar, pedal steel guitar
Jerry Douglas - dobro
Wesley Golding - lead vocals, guitar
Terry Baucom - banjo, fiddle, mandolin, rhythm guitar
Tommy Hough - electric bass
Steve Getzman - drums

bit torrent for this show


Ricky Skaggs, Jerry Douglas, Vince Gill

This is a partial recording of the show - that's all I have.

new band was put together by Ricky Skaggs
new bassist was an exciting Rock 'n Roller
Vince Gill had just joined

Sound System and SBD mix by Ricky Skaggs
Ricky gave me the SBD patch. This is the feed that I taped. Thanks Ricky!

When I first saw Ricky - I'm guessing it was springtime 1974, he was with Country Gentlemen - a famous old bluegrass band. Many famous players rotated through that band. By summer, Ricky was in JD Crowe's band. So was Jerry Douglas and Tony Rice. I saw JD's amazing band with this trio playing together at many festivals on the east coast.

When I first met Ricky, in March 1976, I had been roommates with several Bluegrass Alliance band members at Bickel's place. I was their soundman. My day job was as videotape operator at a local TV station in Louisville, KY. Vince and I moved out of Bickel's place and rented a nearby apartment together, at the grannies' place. Then Vince left Bluegrass Alliance, and joined up with Ricky Skaggs' new band, Boone Creek, in Lexington, KY. Jerry Douglas was also in the band. Vince left Boone Creek, and rejoined Bluegrass Alliance after a couple of months.

This was Boone Creek's inaugural live performance in Louisville. They had recently been to Nashville and recorded their first album. I believe this was Vince Gill's first live performance with them. This gig was the first of several nights at a Holiday Inn - in the restaurant bar and lounge, on weekday evenings. When me and some Bluegrass Alliance musicians showed up, everyone else there was eating their dinner. The whole band lit up and became energized when we arrived. Otherwise, that crowd was mostly a bunch of businessmen eating dinner.

Ricky Skaggs had an incredible PA system for Boone Creek. He knew a lot about sound equipment. I was very surprised. Most bluegrass bands had lousy PA equipment and sound system skills in those days. Exceptions to this were: a) Newgrass Revival - when I taped a SBD of them in Sept 1975, they were using La Scala speakers for the main PA. Courtney Johnson's wife, Hazel, ran the sound. She was good - she also would quickly restring and tune NGR's instruments, after a broken string. b) Bluegrass Alliance - we were using 2 sets of Bose 800 speaker arrays for the main PA, during this time. c) Ricky Skaggs and Boone Creek had a bi-amped PA system, plenty of power, and some JBLs. Ricky knew how to run the mixer, and he had a good command of all the equipment. Ricky and I chatted about sound equipment for awhile.

Then I asked Ricky if I could tape them. He already knew I had tapes of just about everybody. I asked if he had a SBD feed available. I told him my Nakamichi 550 was outside in my car. He took a quick look at the back of his mixer for me, and said, "I have one channel left back here that you can patch into. Go get your tape deck, and we'll plug it in."

Ricky is the frontman for Boone Creek. During the opening-tune, Ricky blows the doors off Holiday Inn's lounge with his state-of-the-art PA system. Then Ricky apologizes to the diners there, recorded on my tape, during his intro to track 2. Vince plays pedal steel on this arrangement, while Jerry plays dobro...

Me and Bobby McGee is sung by Wes Golding
- Ricky Skaggs - mandolin
- Jerry Douglas - dobro
- Vince Gill - pedal steel guitar

YouTube video clips

Austin City Limits TV show - 1981 - Ricky Skaggs' band
Ricky Skaggs - fiddle, mandocaster
Ray Flacke - guitar
Terry Crisp - pedal steel, dobro
Micki Merritt - piano
Bobby Hicks - rhythm guitar
Jessie Chambers - bass
Rodney Price - drums

Ricky plays fiddle on Sally Goodin'

Ricky plays mandocaster on Raisin


Reviewer: Cindy Baucom - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 16, 2009
Subject: Boone Creek-Holiday Inn-1976
An 18 year old Vince Gill and Ricky Skaggs, Jerry Douglas, Wes Golding and Terry Baucom all in their early 20's...the bass player is Tommy Hough (pronounced 'Huff')who, unfortunately, was killed in a car accident many years ago. The drummer was Steve Getzman.

To further clarify some of the identification of tunes:
the non-titled instrumental that is featured was written by Jerry Douglas and is entitled "Intro"; the 'name that tune' vocal was written by Wes Golding and is entitled "Hitchhiking To California". The song listed as 'You Don't Love Me' is actually, "Used To Be".

Terry is playing banjo for the most part, switching to fiddle, mandolin and rhythm guitar at various times throughout. Ricky is on mandolin and fiddle.

Thanks to Monte Barry for uploading this music to be enjoyed by all!

~Cindy Baucom
Reviewer: Healing Waters - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 14, 2009
Subject: Great stuff, Ricky is the MAN!!!
Love this rare find here. I can help you out and tell you that my research suggests that Terry Baucom is the Banjo picker and Steve Bryant is listed as playing bass and fiddle, and is currently playing some guitar as a folkster. This show rips and I DL'd immediately so as not to lose it. Must have been incredible to be at.
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